International Commercial Contracts Book

International commercial contracts are integral to conducting business across borders. These contracts outline the terms of an agreement between parties from different countries and ensure that both parties are protected in case of any disputes. However, drafting these contracts can be complex, and errors could be costly. As such, having a reference book on international commercial contracts can be invaluable for businesses engaging in cross-border transactions.

One such book is the „International Commercial Contracts: Applicable Sources and Enforceability.” Written by Fabio Bortolotti, a professor of international commercial law at the University of Trieste, Italy, the book is a comprehensive guide for businesses and professionals involved in drafting, negotiating, and performing international commercial contracts.

The book covers various aspects of international commercial contracts, including the applicable law, jurisdictional issues, and the enforceability of contractual provisions. The author delves into the different legal systems and their interactions, providing a thorough overview of the legal frameworks in different jurisdictions and how they impact cross-border transactions.

The book also outlines the different sources of law that govern international commercial contracts, including international conventions such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), as well as the role of national laws and international trade usages.

One of the book`s strengths is its practical approach to the subject matter. The author uses case studies and examples to illustrate how different legal concepts apply in real-world scenarios. This makes the material more accessible for businesses and legal professionals who may not have a background in international law.

The book also covers the importance of dispute resolution mechanisms in international commercial contracts. The author discusses the different methods of resolving disputes, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation, and provides guidance on choosing the best method for a specific situation.

Overall, „International Commercial Contracts: Applicable Sources and Enforceability” is an excellent resource for anyone involved in cross-border transactions. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the legal framework governing international commercial contracts and serves as a valuable reference for drafting and negotiating these contracts.

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